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The sky is the limit. Spread your wings and soar higher than the ordinary. Such were the aspirations for a young woman starting out in the Hollywood. Armed with fiery enthusiasm, she carved out a foothold and brought her talent home, venturing into the creative industry in Malaysia.

Upon graduating from Western Michigan University in Mass Communications specialising in Broadcasting, the then 22-year old Elaine Teh took on a 3-day-3-night road trip by car to Hollywood in Los Angeles, together with her friends, to realise Hollywood dreams. After two months of vigorous attempts, she finally landed her first filming industry role as an assistant producer.

Elaine, during an interview with Sin Chew Daily, shared that she made her debut as an assistant producer for the filming of “Ethan Mao” by award-winning director Quentin Lee, while being part of the live audience in several large scale live shows during her two-year stint in the Hollywood. Her talent and diligence were spotted by the mother of Vanness Wu, one of the F4 members, and Elaine was subsequently inducted into their family business as a wedding planner.

Elaine had also held a different role, being a paid audience in large scale live shows for 8 dollars an hour, which was a real eye-opener to her as she picked up many new things along the way.

Elaine’s one-year stint as a wedding planner may be a far cry from broadcasting, but she picked up photo editing to strengthen her creative flair, a trade that lifted her into yet another illustrious career.

The Hollywood trail had certainly enriched her creativity alongside many valuable experiences to bring home for a new creative venture.

Upon returning to Malaysia in 2004, Elaine joined Double Vision, a well-known TV programming production house, from which she gained precious experiences to start on her own. And so in 2006, she founded The Moxim House (now known as Moxim), a creative agency, with just three pioneers onboard.

From there, through her dedication and determination, she expanded the company into a big team of 16 at present, raising the billings from the initial few hundred ringgit to hundreds of thousands. Such remarkable achievements along the way are a testament to Elaine’s fortitude, perseverance, enthusiasm and determination as the captain of the company.

Moxim, now a one-stop creative agency, offers a full range of brand activation services from print to digital ads, TV and radio commercials, and social media engagements. The company, which receives a new billing each day on average with a RM2.5 million annual gross revenue, can even produce specially customised content to reach out to different target audiences.

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