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EcoWorld, in partnership with National Geographic, kicked off the BEING GREEN campaign [made up of three components i.e. Green Stewardship (internal green culture), Green Protection (masterplan design) and Green Living (residents)] beginning May 2019 that encompasses a noble intent of ‘planting the seeds of green living and growing the minds of sustainable living’ for the society at large. For EcoWorld, amid the rising global warming impacts, the change can always begin from this very moment, today, not tomorrow. No time to waste as it may take a whole life to educate and inculcate a good cause.

The mission-critical endeavour aims to position EcoWorld at the forefront of green living with real-life examples happening at its residential developments – driving change in the community by fostering sustainable living through a green township concept where everyone can be an influencer and lead by example from the top management all the way down to lower level co-workers, together with the active participation by the residents.



The BEING GREEN campaign is oxygenating the society with far-reaching beneficial effects for all living creatures in an inspiring environment that showcases how modern development can co-exist in harmony with nature. Starting from within the organization by encouraging its employees to become environmental ambassadors in their own right, EcoWorld is walking the talk to motivate others to follow suit by thriving on a collective commitment. The campaign picked up over 1,000 page views in just the first two weeks of its launch on NatGeo online channel. The ‘green’ pursuit, which is also supported by social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) publicity and EcoWorld’s microsite in addition to TV exposure for maximum target audience reach, is in fact connected with our everyday lives in a meaningful way where ‘going green’ manifests a sustainable living experience from one generation to another.

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