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Ford has been commanding a high regard among Malaysians since its 1970s entry into our market. From passenger cars to pickups and SUVs, Ford holds a reputation for building high quality, safe and good performance vehicles including Focus, Everest and Ranger. And in 2018, Moxim won the pitch as Ford's locally appointed agency, against the likes of MNC agencies.

As a dedicated creative agency, Moxim holds an integral role in ensuring the “Best in Class Pick-Up Truck” and the “Number 1 Pick-Up Truck in Malaysia” in terms of market share and distribution stay intact with this global automotive brand.



Ford’s total retail sales increased by 19% in 2018 as compared with that of 2017. The very encouraging double-digit sales growth was attributed to the results-driven creative content and sales strategies, not to mention the great chemistry between Ford and Moxim. Ford had also increased the market share of all vehicles sold in Malaysia in 2018 by 1.4%. With a mutual synergy that just gets better over time, expect more successes to grace Ford’s report card.

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