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Jeju Cherry Blossom
Tone-up Pop Up



Jeju Cherry Blossom is formulated with Jeju cherry leaf extract to revitalise your skin from within for a clearer, brighter-looking complexion. In conjunction with the launch of the new Hydration + Brightening range by innisfree of Korea, Jeju Cherry Blossom made a 3-week intimate appearance in September 2019 at Taylor's Lakeside Campus, MyTown Townpark, Queensbay Mall and Lot 10 Premier Terrace, targeting females of the 16 – 35 age group.

With millennials and Gen Z as the target audience in mind, the new Jeju Cherry Blossom line is specifically designed to bestow upon its users with evenly toned and well-hydrated skin, focusing on the ‘Hydration + Brightening’ key functions. Overall, the ground engagement tours were held to strengthen the brand awareness of innisfree’s brightening products in Malaysian market through product trial and sampling along with on-the-spot promotion to enlarge the customer base.



Success after success in partnership with innisfree, the Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-Up Creams Pop-up showcase was such a delightful love-at-first-sight experience wherever it toured, invigorated by its cherry pink ambience, day and night. The 3-week-4-location showcase attracted 7,769 visitors, beating the 3,600 target (216% more) with 867 packs of Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-Up Creams sold (173% above target). More encouragingly, the sampling microsite amassed 29,637 visits with a 63% redemption rate! The total impressions via Instagram stories of the highly anticipated event hit 546,732, resulting in new followers’ growth by 83%! And the cherry on the cake, the KOL outreach base stretched as large as 42,444,927 followers!

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