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The nature-inspired Korean cosmetic brand from Jeju Island is renowned for its natural ingredients for all skin types with over 1,000 SKUs across 13 outlets established in Malaysia where the innisfree foundation range is one of the top-sellers among Malaysian youth.

The initiative aimed to promote the innisfree foundation range across the peninsula from north to south, logistically speaking, reaching out to the 16 – 30 age group at strategic venues. A first of its kind “moving bank” was created to hype up public’s anticipation of something puzzling coming into town. The key goal was to enlighten the public on how to choose the matching innisfree foundation shades for their respective skin tones through hands-on experience.



This has been the third successful collaboration between Moxim and innisfree. The BIGGEST “moving bank” of its kind was cleverly modified from a full-size 40-foot container for a unique and more personalised engagement from product sampling to purchase. The response was very encouraging as manifested by the following figures that include 36,823 microsite visits with 6,696 ‘Bank Accounts’ created (including 1,962 RSVPs and 639 cash-outs at the RSVP locations), 1,110,067 Google display ads impressions, 4,057 Google display ads clicks (0.37% clickthrough rate (CTR) vs industry’s average of 0.22% CTR), Facebook campaign post reach of 2,596,387 accounts, and enormous KOLs’ following such as Charis | @charisow (Instagram photo post, accounts reached: 119,323), Naddy | @naddysushi (Instagram photo post, accounts reached: 110,900), Mia Chai | @miamnmmm (Instagram video post, accounts reached: 123,886), and Elyn | @elynleonggg (Tik Tok sync Instagram post, accounts reached: 103,983).

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